Citizens Land Use Guide

Planning and Zoning Laws
How They Work and How to Work Them!

A comprehensive 270 page guide:
· How are planning zoning decisions made?
· How can I participate in the process?
· What property rights are protected and how?
· The details of rezoning, conditional use permits, variances and annexation.
· Open meetings, open records, and related topics.
· How neighbors and other third parties can be involved in land use decisions.
· How to resolve disputes without going to court.

About the author: Craig Call served for ten years service as the Property Rights (and land use) Ombudsman for the State of Utah, is an attorney, former legislator and city councilman, real estate broker, general contractor, and popular lecturer. He has presented dozens of seminars and lectures including presentations to the American Bar Association, Rocky Mtn. Land Use Institute, Utah State Bar, Utah League of Cities and Towns, Utah Assn. of Counties, and many others.

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